When Did Education Become Compulsory


What was education all about when did it become compulsory? And how did we get education to become compulsory? It is not so easy to understand and it has been difficult to figure out the exact moment when education became compulsory, as some people still do not understand. There have been many theories put forth over the years on when did education begin and this article will try to give an overview of it.

The idea that education started at home came from the time when people first started taking classes in school. The concept of compulsory education in the United States started when the Bill of Rights was passed and this made education a civil right for all citizens.

The concept of compulsory education is still in force today in the US and even though it might not be officially made compulsory in other countries, the governments of many countries have made sure that all schools are fully funded so that all children can continue their education and become educated.

Schooling began in the beginning of history and it became compulsory only after the development of literacy. In those days, illiteracy was the most common social affliction and many people could not read or write anything in the written form. Literacy became an important social need, because it gave people access to information and communication, which were one of the reasons why literacy became an important social need. This was a major advance in human history and schools were established to educate people.

Education in schools has been a controversial issue for many years now. A lot of parents have become skeptical when it comes to the idea of compulsory schooling. Many people argue that education is something that is just good for children who will take tests and do well in school and that there is no such thing as compulsory schooling for adults.

It is true that children are not taught everything in school but there is a definite way in which children learn and that is through formal teaching. This means that when they come home they will know a lot of things, but they will still have to go back and learn a lot more in the future.

Today, many people feel that the education in schools is a waste of time because there are a lot of things that children should be learning in order to be prepared for a life. People often think that it is better for them to be educated in their home and to stay away from formal education as much as possible. Some even think that the whole idea of schooling is a waste of time and there is nothing to gain from it.

However, the truth is that children learn a lot of things in schools because they are given a certain amount of time to learn things and once they complete their studies then they will be able to pass their exams and become a responsible member of society.

As mentioned earlier, education became compulsory in the United States when the Bill of Rights was passed. However, it became compulsory only for all states, not just for the entire United States. For example, children in California are not able to attend public school without the consent of their parents until they reach the age of 18.

Education became compulsory even before then, but this is very rare. Most countries around the world prefer to teach their children in the home instead of in the school system. One example of this is in South Africa where it is illegal for parents to send their children to school without the consent of their parents, so even though they may learn in school, they are not able to attend public school.

In the United States, education has become compulsory and it was because of the advancement in science and technology. Science and technology have made it possible for people to travel a lot faster and have far greater access to information and communication and this is what is important for people who want to make their lives a lot easier. Therefore, there is no doubt that science and technology have made it possible for people to live a more organized life.

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