What Alaska Can Do About Global Warming


Global Climate Change is becoming a reality. While we have been able to witness some changes, it has been slow to take effect. Climate change affects everyone, no matter where they live. It is a global issue that will not affect us for a long time to come, but as human activities continue to cause a rise in greenhouse gas emissions, we are going to start seeing changes that we can’t readily ignore.

Global climate change includes the overall warming driven by man’s carbon-based emissions of carbon dioxide, methane, and other greenhouse gas emissions. It also encompasses the resultant large scale changes in weather patterns due to global climate change. These climate change changes will affect us all – no matter where we live.

Global climate change is caused by the increase in the earth’s temperature and by the change in atmospheric pressure. As the world’s temperatures rise and our air becomes warmer, it expands. As the air expands, it holds more water vapor. The expansion causes atmospheric pressure to shift. This shift in atmospheric pressure causes a change in the flow of precipitation in a particular area.

Hurricanes are the major global impact of climate change. They occur when a warm surface layer of ocean water warms and causes it to expand, forcing air to rise. This process creates a large surface area, called a storm front, which can bring heavy rain to an area.

People who live in coastal areas, in the tropical islands such as Hawaii, Florida, and Puerto Rico, can see the effect of global climate change first hand. For example, tropical storm Wilma has been causing significant flooding in many areas of the United States. In Hawaii, major flooding and damage were caused by Superstorm Wilma.

The other part of global climate change is sea level. The rising of the seas due to human-caused global climate change is contributing to flooding in many countries including Bangladesh. And although the waters off the coast of Florida are receding, floodwaters still continue to rise in areas like Miami and Tampa.

The impact of climate change is even more pronounced in Alaska. In the past, Alaska suffered from much more severe flooding and the climate in Alaska is very similar to that of other regions of the United States. However, recent research has shown that Alaska is now one of the most resilient climates in the United States. Alaska has seen dramatic improvements in its weather and climate. This is due primarily to global warming.

Climate change is a big problem, but fortunately, we can see signs of improvements in Alaska. Our governments and other groups are taking the necessary steps to address global climate change and prevent it from having a detrimental effect on us all.

In Alaska, there are many things that can be done to protect our environment and to combat climate change. First, there are a number of Alaskan scientists, including a large network of researchers and geologists, that work together with scientists in many other areas of the country to monitor global warming and take precautions to stop it. Second, Alaska is home to many environmental organizations, both national and local, which work together with the state and federal governments in order to promote better preservation of our environment and to protect it from global warming.

Third, the state of Alaska has taken major steps to fight global warming, creating a number of programs for combating climate change and educating the public about the issue. Fourth, there are some large-scale efforts, such as the Global Warming Solutions Program (GSW) which is funded by the EPA and implemented by the state of Alaska’s Department of Fish and Wildlife, to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Fifth, Alaska is an active participant in implementing the Kyoto Protocol, which is an international treaty that is designed to help fight global warming and preserve and protect the environment. Sixth, Alaska is a leading producer of seafood, so it is important to protect the fisheries that are located here.

Alaska has done more than any other place on Earth to protect itself from global warming and we can only thank them. Global climate change is a serious issue, but Alaska has done many things to make sure that it does not become a bigger problem.

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